If I suddenly disappear for a few days…

Like the title of this post. Full of mystery and suspense right?

Well, it’s not really that big of a deal and it might not even happen. I just wanted to let everyone know, just in case it happens.

As many of you know, I have severe vision problems. I’ve been through multiple surgeries and have been taking retina treatments for over 2 years now. The treatments haven’t worked yet, but my specialist says they can still work.

Image source https://www.ceenta.com/patient-resources/cystoid-macular-edema

I call my retina specialist my torture doctor. For two years everyone in his office told me the treatments don’t really hurt, they are just uncomfortable. BOLOGNA! Most of the treatments I have taken have left me unable to see for as much as 4 days. I laid in bed, curtains drawn, lights off, my head under the covers and wearing my eye patch trying to block out light, but my eye would be so sensitive it made the other eye sensitive too.

I had decided last month, unless there had been drastic improvement, I was not going to take any more treatments. By refusing to take them, they finally listened to me and asked questions. It was decided I was having an inflammatory response to the medication they were injecting into my eye.

Low and behold, this was not the only medication they could try. (this is where I began cursing under my breath). So I did take a treatment of the new medication.

Last month it was as different as night and day. I had ZERO light sensitivity and nothing more than a few minor headaches.

Tomorrow is my monthly treatment day.  If I don’t have a reaction to the treatment, I might take a nap or two over the next few days, but I will still answer messages, write a post or two, reply to comments, etc., etc.

If I do have a reaction, you may not hear a word from me for up to 4 days. But I will be back. I just don’t want anyone to worry if I am not around for a few days.

01/10/18 Update

Things are moving right along and we are starting to grow.

  • I have had some problems trying to run two Steemit accounts from one computer. Even though they are open on two different browsers, they keep crossing somehow. Seems like no matter which account I try to post or upvote from, it comes from the Sotall account, even on upvotes which is a major difference in payout. Once all current posts on Sotall have completed their 7 day cycle, I will begin to power down that account and move everything to my fernowl13 account. All future posts and upvotes as of now will come from the fernowl13 account also.
  • added a few new directory pages and and several new links to various directories.
  • I have started adding a comment message to each link added to a directory. It provides a link to where their link is at. Hopefully, that will get us some new members also.


01/09/18 Update

Yesterday was AMAZING! I did not have time to even think about writing an update. I am not complaining however because it was a VERY productive day.

Membership grew a good bit. We are still just a baby community, but it will take a little while for people to understand what we are building and why we do a couple of things different than other communities. I am not worried, it will happen and we will grow just like our gardens in early spring. Sometimes you wait expectantly for days, hoping to see that first tiny little sprout start to peak up through the ground, and suddenly, THERE IT IS! We are still well within those expectant days for our community.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Added several dozen related posts to the website. You can find them in the knowledge index. Most are plant related but there are a few others too.
  • Ordered 5 pounds of Scarlet Runner Beans. Originally they were supposed to be here this Friday, but they have changed that to next Monday. No big deal because it is still too early to plant them in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • I add a duplicate of the Site Menu onto the left hand menu. It was a little too hard to see where it was and many people were missing it.
  • Also changed a few titles of some pages to make them more descriptive.

Things to Accomplish

This section is more for me than for the members, but it will give you a good idea of what is in the works. I have a severe case of old-timers disease and would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. This list will help me stay on track.

If you think of something that would help out the community or should be added to my list, please, submit it using the “Contact Us” link on the left menu.

  • See old-timers again. Had a couple of things to add and while writing the 2 paragraphs above, out the window they went, lol. Oh Well, they will come back eventually and I’ll add them then.

01/07/18 Update

I might not get around to it daily, but as often as I can I’ll write an update on what is being done, what we are trying to accomplish, any help we could use, etc., etc. All of these posts will be listed under the Updates category. Please check it often to ensure you know when we have seeds available and any other important information you

Question! What should be the first seed we buy to share with everyone?

There are a lot of different growing requirements around the world, but occasionally we find plants that can grow in a large number of places. Eventually, we will have stock in seeds so people will have choices of what they want. But we need to start with just one type of seed and build from there.

What should be our first free seeds? Please leave your answer in a comment on our post on Steemit