01/10/18 Update

Things are moving right along and we are starting to grow.

  • I have had some problems trying to run two Steemit accounts from one computer. Even though they are open on two different browsers, they keep crossing somehow. Seems like no matter which account I try to post or upvote from, it comes from the Sotall account, even on upvotes which is a major difference in payout. Once all current posts on Sotall have completed their 7 day cycle, I will begin to power down that account and move everything to my fernowl13 account. All future posts and upvotes as of now will come from the fernowl13 account also.
  • added a few new directory pages and and several new links to various directories.
  • I have started adding a comment message to each link added to a directory. It provides a link to where their link is at. Hopefully, that will get us some new members also.


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