01/09/18 Update

Yesterday was AMAZING! I did not have time to even think about writing an update. I am not complaining however because it was a VERY productive day.

Membership grew a good bit. We are still just a baby community, but it will take a little while for people to understand what we are building and why we do a couple of things different than other communities. I am not worried, it will happen and we will grow just like our gardens in early spring. Sometimes you wait expectantly for days, hoping to see that first tiny little sprout start to peak up through the ground, and suddenly, THERE IT IS! We are still well within those expectant days for our community.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Added several dozen related posts to the website. You can find them in the knowledge index. Most are plant related but there are a few others too.
  • Ordered 5 pounds of Scarlet Runner Beans. Originally they were supposed to be here this Friday, but they have changed that to next Monday. No big deal because it is still too early to plant them in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • I add a duplicate of the Site Menu onto the left hand menu. It was a little too hard to see where it was and many people were missing it.
  • Also changed a few titles of some pages to make them more descriptive.

Things to Accomplish

This section is more for me than for the members, but it will give you a good idea of what is in the works. I have a severe case of old-timers disease and would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. This list will help me stay on track.

If you think of something that would help out the community or should be added to my list, please, submit it using the “Contact Us” link on the left menu.

  • See old-timers again. Had a couple of things to add and while writing the 2 paragraphs above, out the window they went, lol. Oh Well, they will come back eventually and I’ll add them then.

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