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Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:39 pm
by FernOwl13
The purpose of this entire website is for people to share helpful information and be able to meet and converse with others in similar situations. Chances are, you will have more problems with people disagreeing, than you will have with me. However, there are a few things I simply will not allow to take place on any website I own. Everything else is rules to keep out spam bots and to keep the peace.

* Everyone must register and verify their email to post in any community. This is 100% to prevent spam bot attacks. We do not keep an email list for this forum. You can register with any forum of your choosing to be notified of specific events (replies to your posts, new posts in a specific forum etc.) Any notification emails you sign up for can be canceled at any time.

* Your forum username and Steemit username must match.

* You must be 18 years of age to participate.

* No Hate!

* No porno

* Talk to people as they are your equal. You don't have to like everyone here. You don't have to reply to everyone who asks a question. But I will not tolerate discriminating against people or hate speech, simply because you do not believe in some aspect of the life they have chosen to live.

* No sending of unsolicited advertising in private messages.

* These rules can and will be revised if a unforeseen need arises.

* These rules apply to all forums. Each individual forum may have addition rules that apply only to that forum. You will find them in a sticky topic inside the forum if they exist.