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Welcome to Sotall Communities

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:35 pm
by FernOwl13
What is Sotall

Sotall started this incarnation as a directory of homesteading/survival posts from Steemit. As it grew, I saw MANY more areas it could cover, all still leading back to Steemit and various communities there.

Steemit is a fantastic place to share knowledge, and get paid for sharing it and being social with others. You are paid in cryptocurrencies and it is revolutionized social media.

At this moment, Sotall is only working within the homesteading/survival community. But we will soon (probably in less than 1 week) be starting another community that is also geared toward making the knowledge of many available for anyone in the world to learn from. A third is already in the "thinking cap" stage of development also.

These forums will be our place to communicate on a more personal level without several million people who are involved in completely different topics, trying to get their 2 cents worth in on topics they could care less about. We are not attempting to replace Steemit. Just the opposite. We are working in harmony with Steemit to make it more targeted to the exact people we are seeking to help.