seo analytics

SEO Analytics for your Articles

SEO Analytics for your Articles Unless you are brand new to internet marketing, you have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Proper SEO Analytics and optimizing your articles for your main keyword can mean the difference in it ranking on page 15 (and getting zero organic traffic) and getting a #1 ranking on page 1 and receiving a ton of traffic. Your goal should always be to rank as[…]

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Purchase Advertising On Sotall

Purchase Advertising On Sotall We are currently offering two types of paid advertising on site: Anyone can purchase a 300 x 300 size banner advertisement place in-line content of any one article on the site for a period of 30 days – Cost $10 Authors can purchase the ability for any one of their articles to be added to our rotator on the front page for a period of 7[…]

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Writing Benefits at Sotall

Writing Benefits at Sotall Everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts and since our authors are what will make this site one of the most popular on the internet, they deserve a few writing benefits. Everyone starts out as a contributor and all articles submitted must be approved before publication. No one is required to move past the contributor stage. If you are happy having only one article on[…]

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what is plagiarism

What is Plagiarism and Why it Could Cost your Account

According to Google, plagiarism is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. Some synonyms of plagiarism includes but is not limited to “copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing” What is Plagiarism and Why it Could Cost your Account Many people simply do not understand the seriousness of plagiarism. They don’t bother to learn what is plagiarism because they think it[…]

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Business Networking Groups for Success

In this article we look at how and why working with Business Networking Groups is almost mandatory for anyone just starting down the road to building an income by marketing online. Business Networking Groups for Success The fact that you have come to this website tells me a few things about you. The main one being you either have an interest in starting an online business of some sort, or[…]

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Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies and Sotall’s free training

Online Marketing Strategies and Sotall’s Free Training In it’s simplest form, Sotall is a place for anyone to learn tips, tricks and techniques to improve their online marketing strategies. ¬†All the information is 100% free for anyone needing to discover new or additional ways to improve¬†their business. It is much more than that however. At the heart of Sotall is the ability for anyone to add to the well spring[…]

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